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Medical Facility Construction

Medical facilities, particularly hospitals, present their own unique set of features and qualities that make them different from general construction projects. Given the uniqueness of medical facilities, there are many precautions we take to insure a successful project, these include the following:

  • On-site review of the existing layout

  • Patient and staff safety while project is under way

  • Work side by side with engineering staff

  • Use the Infection Control Risk Assessment Matrix

  • Open communication policy with key staff members

  • All subcontracts awarded are based on historical success in hospital construction

  • We always stay on the leading edge of dust control techniques

Some of the areas of expertise in this field are as follows:

  • General Healthcare Renovations

  • Exam/Treatment Rooms

  • Long-Term Care Units

  • Patient Rooms

  • Rehabilitation Centers

  • Corridors

  • Shower Cores

  • Nurse Stations

  • Dining Halls

  • Pharmacy

  • X-ray Shielding

“We understand the uniqueness of medical facility construction”