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Design to Finish was conceived from the get-go to develop and manage public and private commercial projects. We provide complete interior renovation services to any area in the healthcare, commercial and industrial field of construction. Some areas of expertise in this field include medical facilities, rehabilitation facilities, senior housing, etc. We have established a record of superior performance, dedication to quality and customer satisfaction in all areas of construction, planning and delivery.

The company was established in 2004 and originally operated as Design to Finish LLC. In 2010, it became an S Corporation and now operates as Design to Finish General Contracting, Inc. It is owned and operated by Lisa A. Graham, President and David B. Graham, Vice President. Lisa is the recipient of an B.A. degree in Business and Interior Design. She also brings to the company her twenty plus years of experience of working in the corporate arena. David B. Graham has been in the construction industry for over thirty years and has amassed expert knowledge, high-level planning skills, precision execution and attention to detail to meet the technical demands of the work.

Design to Finish has led teams on millions-of-dollars of renovation projects and has flourished in the highly specialized field of medical facility construction. On each project, we are continually providing every service necessary to not only obtain complete client satisfaction but also make our services an extraordinary value.

Design to Finish General Contracting, Inc. is a licensed Major Contractor in the State of Connecticut. We believe our knowledge, performance and dedication is creating a new standard in the construction industry

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We are a State of Connecticut Certified Woman-Owned Small Minority Business

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